Are you looking for a toolmaker partner?

Choose the quality: Deszán Cutters technology!

Deszán Ltd. (established in 2000) offers you:

  • press knives,

  • matrix tools,

  • marking shapes,

  • leather cutting,

  • metal stamps,

  • toe and heel clamping PTFE tools.

  • Grading of new shoe models even new by

    • PROCAM™,
    • FDS,


Deszán Ltd. - Deszán Cutters technology

Are you looking for a cost effective solution?

We can provide the solution to fit your needs

Based on years of professional experience and the expertise and creativity of our colleagues the Deszán Ltd. can proudly declare: nothing is impossible. You envision it, the Deszán Ltd. produces it.

The Deszán Ltd. does not insist on its own ideas, only on yours, since it would like to be a long term partner in serving the end consumer. Thus increasing it’s own, and your competitiveness.

We will ship whatever you need. If required, we can complete the grading needed for the new product, so you receive the finished tool ready for production.

Do you need quality?

You do not have to bother with inspecting foreign products, since we provide you with products certified by the EN ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Products certified by the EN ISO 9001:2008 certificationProducts certified by the EN ISO 9001:2008 certification

Click here to read about Deszán Ltd.’s quality control policy »

Deszán Ltd. - Deszán Cutters technology

10 reasons for choosing us:

100% guarantee
  1. We manufacture products that meet your demands completely.

  2. We work on a tight schedule, ensuring that you receive the tool or product you ordered in the shortest possible time, since time is money for you as well.

  3. We will complete your orders at a favorable price.

  4. We only use quality materials for completing your order. The names and years of experience of our suppliers ensures that the tool you receive will satisfy your demands for quality.

  5. The years of professional experience, expertise and enormous technical knowledge or our colleagues ensures that we can solve your unique problems.

  6. Since you require quality, our quality control system is the guarantee that you receive only the highest quality of workmanship.

  7. Thanks to the Deszán Cutters traditional production technology, you only receive precise products that meet your demands exactly.

  8. You receive the product you ordered undamaged, production ready state, individually packed according to the Deszán Cutters technology.

  9. You do not need to have a partially unused tool and material production unit within you factory. Think of Deszán Ltd. as an outsourcing unit at your disposal any time.

  10. We are at your disposal during the planning phases of production. Our professionally trained and experienced and creative colleagues are here to help you, ensuring that you have the right, quality tools perfectly suited for your production unit.

Deszán Ltd. - Deszán Cutters technology

Do your need materials or tools for production?

Deszán Ltd. will produce them quickly, perfectly suited to your needs.

If your product requires a high quality tool, we will produce it in a short amount of time, at a high level of quality. Deszán Cutters technology is the solution. Contact us for further information.

Deszán Ltd. - Deszán Cutters technology
Ask for further information!

Further information:
Deszán Ltd. (+36-56) 580-010 »

Deszán Ltd. - Deszán Cutters technology


Deszán Ltd. Deszán Cutters technology


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